Let's make your E-Commerce sales from social media boom over the next 6 days!

For the past 20 years I have designed some of the fastest growing companies customer acquisiton systems. I now want to help you design yours. This free course will teach you how to build out an E-Commerce social media lead generation and sales machine!

Free Webinar + 6-Day Social Media E-Commerce Course

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We generated over $250m for our E-Commerce clients last year.

To create a constant stream of sales to your store you need a system to be in place.

There are 3 components to building a sales system which  is:

  • Lead Generation System: You need fresh leads coming in every hour of the day.
  • Engagement: You need to understand how to engage with the lead to make them a customer.
  • Sale closing: You need to be a God when it comes to closing. I will make you one!

Amazing Social Media Training


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What We Are Going To Teach You:

How do you start setting up a social media sales machine?

Your foundations in doing anything in life are what really decides if everything else is a success.  Here I am going to show you how to create the data required for your campaigns.

How To Create A Lead Generation Machine

I guarantee you after watching this your lead generation strategy will change for good! Here I show you how create a highly targeted lead generation machine!

How To Close Sales

You can close sales a number of ways. For sales less than 5k we show you how to create an automated system. For sales over 5k we go to a ‘free consultation’ style sell.

Social Media Operating Guide

We now need to put all these bits together and create a well-oiled machine that will enable you to have a constant supply of leads which you can convert into clients.

Social Media Sales System

Extra Free Training : 6 Day Social Media Sales Traing Course

I want to get you into the position where you can design a system which will generate you a return on your advertising spend. To do this you need to understand sales from the very basics up to closing.  

The 6 day social media sales course will be sent to you in the form of a daily 10 minute video that you can log into at any time and watch.

Day 1: Zero Sales


Lets start with the basics and look at why your sales aren’t very good and what you need in place to get them booming!

Day 2: The Start


Where do you start?  Let’s ask our customers what they want. Here I show you how to create avatars.

Day 3: Lead Gen

b2b lead generation

You need to have your sales pipeline filled with leads. Here I show you how to set up a lead generation system.

Day 4: Email

b2b email marketing

Email marketing is vital for engaging with the lead. Here I show you how to set it up.

Day 5: Closing Sales

Closing Sales

If you can’t close then you will be going nowhere. Here I talk about the basics of how to close sales.

Day 6: Social Media

b2b social media strategy

Lets put it all together and see the strategy for the ‘Amazing Social Media Sales Machine’.